Electronic solo project utilizing Ableton Live and SuperCollider.

Previously DJ Scheißefritz.


Chicagojazzen is basically the multifaceted Erik Karlsson. Based in Skellefteå, he has released no less than eight albums since 2006 - digitally, on tape and on disc, on underground labels like Zeon Light, Periferin and Irrlicht. It all began with Erik getting an USB-microphone as Christmas gift. Since then, he has refused to relate to any genre boundaries in his multi-instrumental music creation. As a red thread we instead find a messy, brutal DIY-spirit combined with references to Västerbotten.

Today, Chicagojazzen has evolved into a loosely cohesive collective, and among his influences, Karlsson mentions Arvo Pärt, Wu Tang Clan, Fela Kuti and Darkthrone.


Duo with Anton Toorell (Invader Ace, Receptacles, The Ägg).

Lofi synths mixed with energetic drumming and gritty guitars. Has been described sounding as if Lightning Bolt would play Deerhoof-covers.


Flickstick is a German-Swedish-Finnish contemporary jazz group that was founded in late 2008 in Sweden. From the beginning onwards the group was playing original compositions - written by Birgitta Flick and Lisa Stick.

Consistently playing over the years the five musicians (Birgitta Flick, Lisa Stick, Aleksi Ranta, Max Thornberg and Christian Augustin) established an unique band sound that offers space for each individual and at the same time results in a clear statement of the group. Flickstick regulary plays concerts in Germany and Sweden.

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The story of Kantor took off on the tour bus during a Cult of Luna tour through North America in 2013. Christian Augustin and David Johansson (Kongh, Oscillotron, Switchblade), both touring members of said post-metal outfit, realized they had a common passion for the experimental and the weird end of the electronic music spectrum, and decided to form a new band together. Kantor was born.

Utilizing both analog and frequency modulation synthesis with an approach free from boundaries, the Swedish duo creates vast soundscapes traversing the gloomy, the strange and the eerie.


KRISPR is a musical group formed in Umeå in 2016 consisting of Christian Augustin (SuperCollider and MIDI controllers) and Anders Winterstam (pianos and MIDI controllers). The music is largely electronic and built on chance, improvisation, code and sonic exploration. The different compositions are not so much “songs” as foundations for improvisation and exploration of chance within certain boundaries.

In 2018 KRISPR got a grant from The Swedish Performing Arts Agency for a collaboration with mezzo-soprano Therése Thylin to create and perform new music based on the vocal tradition of western classical music.


Hardcore band that started in 2013.


With a past in bands like Vaken and My Sound of Silence, Therese Lithner was an active part of Umeås flourishing pop scene in the early 2010's.

Writing songs for a solo project was no obvious or any direct plan but more of a coincidence. It was during an evening in the rehearsal room that the sound of the 90's and her childhood idols got free play. With vocals, guitar and a lot of reverb, Therese began improvising material, wrote three songs on pure inspiration and recorded them on her mobile phone. Somehow they felt different and the idea of a solo project began to take shape.


Coding Blog

console.log(”Augustin”) Detailed report from my coding adventures.


Flextris Bringing NES Tetris into the 21st century.
Isaac Asimov Quote Typing Simulator Competetive typing game.
2016 version of this site A generative keyjazzing musical experience.


Creative coding aimed toward synthesis and generative music. Working in SuperCollider mainly within the duo KRISPR and as Augustin.


1999 Sinequanon (split w/ Anticrust)
7" | hardcore / punk | drums

2002 Totalt Jävla Mörker - Det Ofrivilliga Lidandets Maskineri
CD / LP | hardcore / punk / metal | bass

2002 Totalt Jävla Mörker (split w/ They Fear The Reclaim)
7" | hardcore / punk / metal | bass

2004 Totalt Jävla Mörker - Människans Ringa Värde
CD / LP | hardcore / punk / metal | bass

2006 Totalt Jävla Mörker - S/T
CD / LP | hardcore / punk / metal | drums

2006 Totalt Jävla Mörker (split w/ Human Waste)
7 |" hardcore / punk / metal | drums

2007 Soldier One - S/T
7" | electronic hardcore | guitar / composition / production

2009 Totalt Jävla Mörker - Söndra & Härska
CD / LP | hardcore / punk / metal | drums

2010 Ára - O
CD | pop / jazz / folk | drums

2010 DJ Scheißefritz - Raumfahrer
DIGITAL | experimental / electronic | composition / production

2011 Soldier One - Witnessing the Orchestration of Time
CD | electronic hardcore | guitar / composition / production

2014 Dammit I'm Mad - Golden Oldies (w/ Chicagojazzen)
CASSETTE | indie / electro / pop | drums / production

2014 Riwen - S/T
LP | hardcore / punk | drums

2014 Ára - Vuoste Virdái
CD | pop / jazz / folk | drums

2014 Flickstick - Hymn
CD | contemporary jazz | drums

2015 Totalt Jävla Mörker - Helvetespunk
7" | hardcore / punk / metal | drums

2015 Riwen - The Cold
CD / LP | hardcore / punk | drums / percussion

2016 Trial by Laser - S/T
DIGITAL | electronic / synthwave | composition / production

2016 DJ Scheißefritz - Midikosmos
DIGITAL | experimental / electronic | composition / production

2016 Skymningar - S/T
DIGITAL EP | electronic / pop | guitar / composition / production

2017 Ára - Girkásit
CD | pop / jazz / folk | drums

2017 Skymningar - Genius
DIGITAL EP | electronic / pop | guitar / composition / production

2017 Chicagojazzen - Ständut Black
LP | indie / funk / jazz | drums

2018 Flickstick - S/T
CD | contemporary jazz | drums

2018 Kantor - Initial
DIGITAL EP | dark ambient | FM synthesis / composition / production

2018 Therese Lithner - S/T
12" EP | indie pop | drums / mix / co-production on Drift

Christian Augustin

Born 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Moved 1986 to Skellefteå but grew up in Kåge, 14km further north. Started playing violin at the age of 6 but switched to drums and tracking electronic music at the age of 14. Got involved with hardcore (punk) music in local bands, Totalt Jävla Mörker among others.

Studied music and jazz drumming at a few different schools, most recently bachelor at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Moved to Oslo after the studies, freelancing as a member of different bands as well as touring drummer with Cult of Luna and pg.lost.

The last years has mainly been about a revitalized interest in electronic music production and creative coding.

Currently living in Stockholm.